The organization has the following objectives:

  1. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To promote the education, teaching and culture of self reliance in accordance to the needs of population and the organization ability.
  2. To rehabilitate those traumatized; through crusade, seminars and concert.
  3. To promote unity and reconciliation among peoples; by application of value of working as a team, follow up the character of Jesus Christ and read the word of God through Bible.
  4. fighting and against VIH /AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases educate youth sexual life and gender policy
  5. To develop christianism: Training married, youth, evangelization, and nature protection and environments.
  6. Fighting corruption and other related offenses by mobilizing people about their right, negative impact of corruption and other infraction connected
  7. To create and be interested on job by mobilizing to youth the importance of job, creation and performing well your duties
  8. To carry out other legal activities being able to help to achieve its objective


The vision of the organization is to become one of the most effective partners in the country and the world at large, to groom, mentor and produce God fearing, law abiding and well empowered world class citizens, doing so right from their childhood and or adolescence.



There is individual profit of collaborating with CLAIRVOYANCE and also there are a lot of things gained by the community, the organizations, the churches and the country in general.

Profits are ordered as follow:


  • Friend And Friendship
  • General knowledge and Bible knowledge and self development because the individual is trained how to solve problems using facilities around him/her.
  • To permanent your talent through meetings, sessions, and church assembles, competitions etc.
  • Counseling and testimony benefited from.
  • Others more


  • Unity, love and frank collaboration.
  • Various instructions (lesson) given freely.
  • Better teaching based on aged level where preparing lessons and teaching will be easy because the group will be taught is homogeneous.
  • Strong leadership because everybody will have responsibilities in the group.
  • Quick promotion of development.
  • Others more.


  • Will Get Conscious People And Know Better Their Role To Play In Development Of Their Country
  • It will be easy for leaders of the country to implement their development programs in the country.
  • Citizen themselves will be development agents and solve their problems for using facilities around with collaboration.
  • It will be easy to realize common development activities.
  • Others more.


Particularly, CLARVOYANCE aims at consolidating humanity values of everybody, whether instructed or not, rich or poor, tall or short, citizen or not…. Human being have to respect one another because God created him/her in His own image, we are image of God our FATHER. (GENESIS 1:27)


We have a large task in churches, in local governance, in schools institutions, prisons, etc. it is not easy to access to such places because some time we have to go there with teaching aids or with any other assistance which should be available but we are blocked by our economic possibility.


After seeing the way children grow without follow Coe value of community and church and it is shameful; evaluated immature with poor interest in community and church activities, we realize that one day(in future) the church and community will be composed by old people only who can apply Coe-value of it. That is why we decided to help the leaders by taking care the child from three years till he/she becomes old; through training, education, games, songs, and other activities which can prevent him/her from being captured by the modernism of today. That is why Christian organization “CLAIRVOYANCE” started. In its foundation, we didn’t only think about Rwanda people but we aimed at the whole world people; starting from East Africa where Rwanda is located.


CLAIRVOYANCE struggles to promote the citizen in general encouraging the hard working, fighting against idleness and laziness and poverty; promoting innovation, creativity and development among youth, job creation passing through formations, seminars, workshop, training and any other possible assistance by considering sport (games) and leisure.