Technical Games

that games is showing how to discover some one with the ball

The vision of the organization is to become one of the most effective partners in the country and the world at large, to groom, mentor and produce God fearing, law abiding and well empowered world class citizens, doing so right from their childhood and or adolescence.


There is individual profit of collaborating with CLAIRVOYANCE and also there are a lot of things gained by the community, the organizations, the churches and the country in general.

Profits are ordered as follow:

  2. Friend And Friendship
  3. General knowledge and Bible knowledge and self development because the individual is trained how to solve problems using facilities around him/her.
  4. To permanent your talent through meetings, sessions, and church assembles, competitions etc.
  5. Counseling and testimony benefited from.
  6. Others more
  • Unity, love and frank collaboration.  
  • Various instructions (lesson) given freely.
  • Better teaching based on aged level where preparing lessons and teaching will be easy because the group will be taught is homogeneous.
  • Strong leadership because everybody will have responsibilities in the group.
  • Quick promotion of development.
  • Others more.
  • Will Get Conscious People And Know Better Their Role To Play In Development Of Their Country
  • It will be easy for leaders of the country to implement their development programs in the country.
  • Citizen themselves will be development agents and solve their problems for using facilities around with collaboration.
  •  It will be easy to realize common development activities.
  • Others more.

Particularly, CLARVOYANCE aims at consolidating humanity values of everybody, whether instructed or not, rich or poor, tall or short, citizen or not…. Human being have to respect one another because God created him/her in His own image, we are image of God our FATHER. (GENESIS 1:27)


We have prepared courses about the Bible based on our philosophy of family promotion because it is the source (origin) of every thing (Education, Culture, Development, and Self reliable). It’s why we written FOUR books as teaching materials:

  1. FAMILY ORGANIZATION AND EDUCATION: It is a book which shows how the family house to be organized following indications given by the Bible. “Marriage requirements, Responsibilities of the man in the family (his obligations), Responsibilities of the wife (her obligations), How to proceed when there is a miss understanding between them, How they can live happily permanently, How children have to be trained in the family…..”

The objective of this book is to help youth to evaluate following examples and education from their families; because it has been observed that now day’s families are not preoccupied by the education values (they are no longer exemplary in act and in what they say). But you find them preoccupied by education facilities for example paying school fees it is not bad but not enough; education given by teachers should start complete that delivered in families. Consequences, you find brotherhood destroyed everybody acting alone, doing bad things is no longer a taboo, and so, the culture of patriotism (habit of being patriotic) disappears slowly and money desire continues to grow.

  • THE GROUP OF CHILDREN IN CHRISTIAN CHURCH: is a book which presents the value of a child in church and the Bible educator in a church. God command, elements favoring the Good News in the family, guiding the child to wards the Salvation way (educations in prayers)….

The purpose of this book is especially to help teachers of the Bible to be well informed so that what they teach; will strengthen the church and families and have an impact on the manner of living of citizens.

  • IDENTIFICATIONFORM: are forms on which identification of group members are marked so that will help supporters to evaluate their activities like lessons, development assistance.

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