Our remembrance during COVID19

This is the commemoration period for all Rwandans. I know for a fact that I forgave completely those who killed my family. I am well aware that the path I am taking is the best way to take revenge on those who killed all innocent Rwandans in general. That way is to build dignity and unity of three in the face of those who desired that we do not exist.

Now days, we exist and continue to live even better in front of them. We are strong enough than ever and not lost yet. We are still on the path to teaching love and peace wherever we are. We are witnesses and symbols of self-determination, self- reliance and self-defense in the face of our enemies. We will continue to do this and fight against lies and inhumanity that has characterized those who want us three to perish forever. It is true that the loss of our loved ones has killed us, but we have not died spiritually or mentally but we have died of cowardice, depression and fear.

We have learned very well how to fully transform grieve and wounds into power, not to give up and not to be defeated by the struggle for life. I have hoped that soon all haters and killers of innocent Rwandans are going to see them three joining hands. They will not be able to stop them at all, but they will be ashamed because they will find themselves weeping on their knees in front of justice. After all of that, hearts of the wounded Rwandans will feel comforted again with love, hope and joy.

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