It is amazing to two rabbits had production of 207 young rabbits in 12 months

In Rwinkwavu sector, Mukoyoyo cell Nyamabuye village, live certain single mothers MUKAMASABO Fausto. When the project “one child-two Rabbits” of Clairvoyance Christian Ministry was about to start, she was not selected among beneficiaries who were supported to get rabbits because of local leaders of the village were not understanding her because, she was in a continuous conflict with her parents.

The root cause of that her misunderstanding with the parents is family problems; parents paid school fees for her and finished the secondary school in accountancy, parents were expecting from her (their child) to have a job and short improving the living standard of the family. Unfortunately, she has fallen pregnant, and that was the root cause of that persistent conflict in the family. The girl was disturbed and embarrassed with parents’ harassments.

During the implementation of the project “one child – two rabbits” because of particular problems the girl (Mukamasabo) had, Clairvoyance decided to assist her. The big problems of MUKAMASABO was suffering from lack of self-confidence, hopeless, filling ashamed in the society etc.

The project leaders talked with MUKAMASABO parents, tried to explain the mission of the project and so in a collaborative way, they can create a bright future for MUKAMASABO. Parents accepted to collaborate with Clairvoyance, offered a house which was unoccupied to be transform it into rabbits firm. They were committed to help MUKAMASABO to construct rabbit’s house as a contribution rendered to their daughter.

After 12 months we visited her and started to give us the testimony in the link follow:

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