About this project

We request you to partner with us to implement in Eastern province of Rwanda; IMPROVED COOKING STOVES FOR ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT YOUTH PROJECT. The project is concerned with empowering 3000 youths socioeconomically in Technology of improved cooking stove as viable economic empowerment means. The request under application is 138,900 USD in 12 months. We identified this project because of environments protection and job creation for youth. And leave the existence of street children in streets and eating one meal per day to many household. We realize to improve cooking stoves can contribute in solving the problem of intensive destruction of forest. It will contribute in saving forest and environment in general. The production of improved cooking stoves will also contribute in solving economic problems because youth will be employed in order to promote that technology and benefit from the production got.

Use of Proceeds

Our project shall be based on three key factors responsible for achievement as follow: – Participation and effective engagement of target group;
– Sensitization and training on entrepreneurship skills, on business development and education on self development strategies;
– Collaboration, communication and working with local authorities.
30000 Usd for personnel costs
18000 Usd for acquisition of fixed assets
77900 Usd for acquisition of goods
1500 Usd for external services
3500 Usd for transportation and Logistics
4500 Usd for travel
1200 Usd for office costs
2300 Usd for other costs

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