We seek fund of a total of 391,430 USD, to carry out a three years’ project of Constructing and strengthening pastoral ministry project at Rwinkwavu Sector of Kayonza District of Eastern Province of Rwanda. Construction of the chapel will take one year and strengthening pastoral ministry, two years thus a total of three years.

Alternatively, we seek your assistance to continue implementing a Church Based children, youth and women Training Project for becoming big ministries in Kayonza District. It will cost a total of 100,000 USD.

The purpose of the initiative in either option or project is to empower Christian churches with relevant life, pastoral and health care to enable them use the same to grow or be empowered, to generate reasonable evangelization from the Lord Jesus Christ’ commission, as useful members of the society, playing their rightful role.

At the end of the training, either through the church based program or the children, youth and women training, graduated religious Ministers will be provided with tool kits relevant or concerning the different trade or skill they trained in, to enable them use them to train others or being trainer somewhere, the relevant project staff will follow them up at their respective places to mentor and coach them, where necessary, during the post graduation period of six months.


From 2014 to 2017 Clairvoyance Christian Ministry (C.C.M) had 7 sites of congregations as chapels, where the church members used different house by lent as chapels. In April 2016 Rwanda government decriers that every religion, churches and denominations all must have own church building. To those who haven’t own building chapel was supposed to close their Sunday service and other activities concerning intercessors groups, choirs, pastoral ministry in summary. In this time we were close all sites too.

C.C.M had 1247 church members from different 7 sites, today we are based to charitable works as empowering community especially children and youth. In creation of C.C.M we had vision and plan of 30 years from 2012 to 2042 where we pointed to build and establishing new church with different ministries (children, youth, women, intercessors ,…) from 2020 to 2030.

However, the most common reason of constructing chapel, for many communities not to have gone to school or to have dropped out was loss of parents during the children’s early age or during the 1994 genocide. Likewise, some lost their parents due to some other calamity like natural death, HIV/AIDS or accident. Whatever reasons, the significant role supposed to be played big role in the development of the country, makes it necessary for any country’s well wisher to find a way to make good what they lack by empowering them in one way or another to a reasonable extent. It is for this reason that either of the two projects ought to be established to empower relevant church members and community around them accordingly, by among other things ensuring that illiterate ones are helped to become literate, all in the project area possess a minimum of primary and even secondary education where possible, know God and are essentially provided with relevant life, vocational and business skills for self reliance.

The fact that unity and reconciliation from trainings and Bible teaching including that of the targeted Rwanda’s population, with an inherent status of being and becoming pillar of life of today and tomorrow, any of the two projects has the potential of ensuring that trainings and Bible teaching in the project area are provided with relevant life. During which process, the illiterate will be made literate through functional literacy classes.