KANYABUGANZA Jean Leonard has got an idea of gathering youth together starting from Nyankora the 1stMay 2007. He started with sixty four young people divided into two groups that means from three years up to nine years (3-9) they were thirty-seven (37) and from ten years thirteen (10-13) were twenty-seven (27). He tried to teach them the Bible on Saturdays and Sunday during Christian services. During that time, adults became made choir named “INSHUTI ZA YESU” means Friend of Jesus Choir in ADEPR Rwinkwavu chapel of Nyankora II.

On the 31st August 2008, KANYABUGANZA went to study in ALL NATIONS THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE AND SEMINARY in Uganda. After completing three years he returned back in Rwanda, and he found the group of children, he organized before dislocated because of not having devoted teachers. It is from that time by all means he tried to start a religious based organization (Christian ministry) which can fulfill that duty of gathering youth. On the 1stMay 2012 he started with only twelve members, he trained them, and started the site of Rwinkwavu. The children of there were organized into four groups according to their ages.

The idea of KANYABUGANZA Jean Leonard has been extended and shared it with other people more experienced than him; they made addition to his vision and finally created an organization with aim of Christian unity. After observing responsibilities of different leaders and problems they face we have concluded that it is hard to achieve easily their target. After seeing the way children grow without follow Coe value of community and church and it is shameful; evaluated immature with poor interest in community and church activities, we realize that one day(in future) the church and community will be composed by old people only who can apply Coe-value of it. That is why we decided to help the leaders by taking care the child from three years till he/she becomes old; through training, education, games, songs, and other activities which can prevent him from being captured by the modernism of to day. That is why Christian organization “CLAIRVOYANCE” started. In its foundation, we didn’t only think about Rwanda people but we aimed at the whole world people; starting from East Africa where Rwanda is located.

To have organization cold CLAIRVOYANCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY (C.C.M) is response of the KANYABUGANZA ‘S dreams on:


On 20th/May/2011

My name is KANYABUGANZA Jean Léonard.  I was born in 10th/05/1976. I grew up as orphans because of my parents made divorce when I had three years old. In the age of nine years I was chased from my grandmother’s house to the small town for wondering. In this age I was in P3, after two years I came back to school, by God’s mercy in 1992, I performed well and entered to secondary school without parent financial.

After finished my secondary school in 2001 I got a job as primary teacher where I thought three years. After teaching, I got another job in five stars hotel named “AKAGERA GAME LODGE HOTEL” in charge FOOD and Beverages control and stores and control purchaser. I occupied this in three years.

In 2005, I became born again Christian from Roman Catholic and being converted in Pentecost denomination. I thank God because his salvation given to me. In different ways I pass through, to now (20th/05/2011 after learning three years in All Nation Theological College and Seminary); I got the different experiences.

From my childhood, my vision is “to support vulnerable generations”. But after receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior; my calling is Proclaiming the gospel and supporting vulnerable generations from the children to mature people of everywhere in this world. For this reason I have a vision for “SENDING MISSIONARIES IN ALL NATIONs” during the period of 30 years in preparation; it means from 2012 to 2042. Before to announce my vision as Pentecost; I start for my believing (Believing of my denomination).

  • I believe, the Bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative written word of God (2 Tim. 3:16);
  • I believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the father, God the son, and God holy spirit ( Deut. 6:4; Matt.28:19)
  • I believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his virgin birth, in his sinless life, in his miracles, in his vicarious and atoning death, in his body resurrection, in his ascension to the right hand of the father, in his personal return to this earth in power and glory to rule a thousand years (John 1:1).
  • I believe in the blessed hope: THE REPTURE OF THE CHURCH at Christ’s coming (Titus 2:13)
  • I believe the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ (John 14:6)
  • I believe regeneration by the holy spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation (Titus 3:5)
  • I believe the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides healing of human body in answer to believing prayer (1 Peter 2:24)
  • I believe in the sanctifying power of the holy spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a holy life (Gal.5:16-25)
  • I believe the resurrection of both, the saved and the lost, the one to everlasting life and the other to everlasting damnation (Punishment). Revelation 20:11-15

                   HOW I SHALL REACH TO THIS VISION?

As ministry of Lord Jesus Christ, my calling is to proclaim the gospel. For this reason I have 201 Christians from children ministry to youth ministry:

  • 7 years to 12 years are 142
  • 13 years to 22 years are 59

The problem I have now is financial to those who ended SCHOOLS:

  1. P6 without continue in secondary
  2. S3 without continue or closers S6
  3. S6 without advanced study in theology (or being jobless)
  4. To those who ended different universities/colleges becoming jobless 

My ministry thinking or looking after them and prepare their future in service of our Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason we need to stop 80% disappeared after finishing the schools; I think about above, because of seeking jobs or starting new life of them.


2012 <-> 2015 Sending some of youth in theological schools and searching where we shall founding sponsors.

2015 <-> 2020 Establishing (Planting) a new church with different ministries (as Evangelism, PASTORAL, Children, Women, Mission, Youth, Household, Educational ….)

2020 <-> 2030 Investing in Socio – Economic activities (as Commerce, Agricultures, cattle …..). Investing in intellectual Economic Activities (as Schools, Training centers, Hospitals ….).

2030 <-> 2042 Sending Missionaries, especially in Arabian country.

  • 2012 – 2015 = 50,000$ for sponsoring students
  • 2015 – 2020 = 600,000$ for establishing new church with different ministries.
  • 2020 – 2030 = 2,000,000$ for investing Economic activities.
  • 2030 – 2042 = 4,000,000$ for sending missionaries in Arabian countries.

TOTAL: 6,650,000$ within 30Years

Any way as God has done many things in my life, and I still need His salvation too, so I have to do His work (expect great things from God attempt great things for God). That why I have of course the vision of serving our Lord Jesus Christ; even if my vision is too big according to my background, but I believe that God who saved me from my birth to now will even intervene in my vision.

Briefly that above is my vision, even I had have much things to talk about it, and the reason why I write to you is that you may assist with prayer and financially. I believe that many heads much ideas, so much prayers full answers. Indeed big container, much blessing. And I believe that my prayer and yours will bring much blessing from heaven then will make full my empty big container.

May god bless you!!?


This work plan or My vision is contain  four phases as I introduce before as following:

1ST PHASE: 2012 – 2015 = 50,000$ for sponsoring students

 2ND PHASE: 2015 – 2020 = 600,000$ for establishing new Denomination with different ministries.

 3RD PHASE: 2020 – 2030 = 2,000,000$ for investing in social &Economic activities.

 4TH PHASE: 2030 – 2042 = 4,000,000$ for sending missionaries in Arabian countries.

1STPHASE:2012<->2015:(50,000$:SPONSORING STUDENTS)

I started in prayers groups, choirs and playing different games from 2012 to 2014. Other session I supported vulnerable peoples and started theological school at Rwamagana District, Eastern province of Rwanda from 2014 to 2016.

Each year has its events:

  • 2012: after my graduation, my vision going on.
  • 1st/05: started CLAIRVOYANCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY at Rwinkwavu Sector, Kayonza District in Eastern Province of Rwanda.
  • May to December: Prayers’ groups of youth, evangelism, Bible teaching and making youth choirs as INSHUTI ZA YESU CHOIR of Nyankora in ADEPR church and ABAZARITAHA CHOIR of Rwinkwavu in ADEPR church.
  • 30/12 “official opening of Ministry: at Nyankora Village, Mukoyoyo Cell, Rwinkwavu Sector, Kayonza District In Eastern Province of Rwanda; I opened CLAIRVOYANCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY publically Blessed by honorable Rev.Pastor HABYARIMANA Celestin (ADEPR CHURCH) and Rev.Pastor NSABIBANA Syprien (Methodiste Lible Church) and others pastors in Bible memory verses and different games competition of youth from different denominations of that region as (ADEPR, Presbyterian church, Adventists’ 7thday, Methodist church, Baptist church, Anglican church and Roman catholic church)
  • 2013: 11th/01. Death of my beloved wife. She left me with four children two sons and two daughters. My fist born are twins boy (KANYABUGANZA Bonheur) and girl (BUGANZA Destinne) and their birth is 08th/03/2003; third is girl (BUGANZA ISHIMWE Bonnette) who born on 15th/07/2008; fourth is a boy (KANYABUGANZA Rugwiro Destin) who born on 11th/02/2011.
  • 09/04: making registration on government board (RGB) and complete full all documents.
  • 12/09: Received 1st Temporary certificate (Registration certificate) in this time it was hard to accomplish my tasks without financial; for this reason I decided to sold my properties and shifting from Rwinkwavu (Nyankora) in Kayonza District to Kigabiro (Rwamagana city and near of Kigali) in Rwamagana District.
  • 04/11: making Rwamagana District as headquarter of CLAIRVOYANCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY. In this time I emphasized to support children and youth ministry in their denominations as ADEPR, Evangelical Restoration Church, Lutheran Church, Bethany Revival church, Good Seeds Pentecost Church, …..
  • 2014: 24/01. I opened Bible School at Rwamagana City in buildings of « EXEL BILLINGO NUSARY and PRIMARY SHOOL » near of BANQUE POPULAIRE Rwamagana Blanche. I made a program of nine moths and offering certificates to the students who conclude whole Bible in general (Old Testament, Pentateuch, New Testament, and Preaching), Church History and Christian Doctrines plus Languages (French, English and SWAHILI) and Entrepreneurship. From Monday to Friday evening (5:30-9h00 P.M). For teaching the courses we were four teachers (all had university Degrees) and 1stperiod we receive 18 students; and 7/18 students completed well our program and got certificates.
  • 26/05: I opened Lunch Hour Fellowship (Lunch Bible Service) in Eastern provincial Hospital of Rwamagana with staff and sicker From Monday to Friday (12:00 – 1:00 P.M)
  • 21/12: I receive Rwanda Government Board’ s team for checking if I have ability to receive compliance certificate and they neglected my office and action plan.  
  • 2015: I emphasized to work with RGB’s conditions ( for renting a nice office, following action plan and accountability rules)
  • 02/03: 2nd Temporary certificate (renewing Registration certificate)
  • 11/12/2015 – 26/01/2016: Research for supporting education based on VILLAGE NUSARY SCHOOLS in Nyarusange cell, Muhazi Sector, Rwamagana District in Eastern Province of Rwanda.

For concluding this phase I got many challenges and experiences by grace of God  our activities are well performed through our Lord Jesus Christ not my will; for this reason the second phase continue where the phase one terminated. To talk this through writing or words you can find that is very easy but to serve God and to accomplish some goals contain your vision is very difficult, without calling of the Lord Jesus Christ can become impossible. My families and friends neglected me as mad or foolish but I was standing firm in promises and God comforted me for giving me strengths. 


  • 2015: as ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ for making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20) I started to Children and Youth in different games and Bible Memory Verses on VILLAGE NUSARY SCHOOL and supporting different denominations in children Sunday schools through books, teachings, training of children’s teachers…..
  • 2016: supporting intercessors groups and one to one discipleship (Evangelism explosion) for preparing foundation of the new denomination. I try the best to make a final points to the project of writing five books of:

I wrote those in Kinyarwanda Language during five years and waiting for grace of heavenly might to publish them.

  • 17/05 Receiving certificate
  • 02/11 1st Booklet show how CLAIRVOYANCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY operate its goals from its Objectives, Vision and Mission.
  • 2017: Preparing and doing consultancy to the projects can help or support youth and vulnerable peoples in Rwanda’s community. I emphasized both and these made up forced up CLAIRVOYANCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY and Legal personality’s publication in Government Official Gazette of Rwanda.
  • 16th/02: We joined program of Call for Proposals on strengthening civil society organizations for responsive and accountable governance in Rwanda organized by Rwanda Government Board (RGB).
  • 08/05: Publication in Government Official Gazette of Rwanda. And receiving code of Official Gazette no19 of 08/05/2017”.
  • On 24/09/2018 we signed grant contract FOR NON-CREDIT RELATED ACTIVITIES (0098/2018/RGB) with RWANDA GOVERNANCE BOARD of 25,000,000 Rwf (equivalent to 27,174 USAD) in period of the 12 months (14thSeptember 2018 to 13thSeptember 2019) for sponsoring COMMUNITY BASED CUNICULTURE YOUTH (CHILDREN) EMPOWERMENT PROJECT (One Child – Two Rabbits) in seven cells of Rwinkwavu zone of Kayonza District in Eastern Province of Rwanda.

 We offered 3529 rabbits to 1247 beneficiaries. The project running well because in period of 12 moths we have 7100 rabbits with 1547 beneficiaries

  • 2019: Organization has 15 permanents workers: 7 cells coordinators; 3 veterinaries; 3 managers (field, cooperative and data), 1 accountant & secretary, and 1 project manager.

The previous initiatives were supposed to be exercised in rural areas. So, we have leant to work with local authorities sharing point of view to detect really youth problems to eradicate.

We have acquired knowledge about project management. We have established a project management committee in a cell (nine persons per committee in cell) and also working with volunteers. Was also another experience which led us to success.

 During project implementation (September/2018 to March/2020 We have learnt how monitoring and follow up of a project can be well conducted to achieve the project goal: in the previous initiative we improved socioeconomic living conditions by increasing the income for 1542 rabbits’ farmers through C.C.M project.

  • We improved food security: 78% of targeted households of the beneficiaries eat now two meals per day through the increased income from the project.
  • Increased assets: now, 429 people from beneficiaries have bought themselves, 75 mattress, 107 cooking pots and one bicycle as key result of increased income.
  • 85% of target group of the project from the beneficiaries are now rabbits’ farmers and are engaged themselves in producing and selling the rabbits productions.
  • 692 households have now bought the clothes to their members and have bought the school uniforms for their children as result of the income from rabbit’s productions.
  • 100% of targeted people from beneficiaries are able to pay social security health.
  • 178/300 has now returned to their schools as key result of sensitization and access to school material from income generated through the project.
  • Now, through the sensitization and education on importance of hygienic conditions, the targeted groups are improving progressively the hygiene conditions among their families.

With the previous initiatives, we have learnt about the sustainability of the project. Because trained volunteers of the project is now the source of inspiring the continuity of the project in the project area after its official closure.

Five years measuring second phase (2015-2020). For comparing with activities and financial it is going well on 60%grade. When we coated time, activities and financial from beginning to time we are at 80% grade of achievement.

The Covide 19 epidemic has damaged so much of our planed and works that we still straggle seem to be starting with zero.