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We seek your assistance of a total of 250,000 Usd, to carry out a three years’ project of Constructing and running a tradition medicines with aromantic plants in Vocational Training Centre at Muhazi Sector of Rwamagana District of Eastern Province of Rwanda. Construction of the centre will take one year and running tradition medicines with aromantic plants in Vocational Training Centre empowerment activities, two years thus a total of three years.
Alternatively, we seek your assistance to continue implementing a Community Based Vocational Training Project for running tradition medicines with aromantic plants in (Nyarusange) the same Sector of Rwamagana District. It will cost a total of 100,000 Usd.
The purpose of the initiative in either option or project is to empower tradition Medicines with relevant life, vocational and health care to enable them use the same to employ themselves or be employed, to generate reasonable income for earning a decent living, as useful members of the society, playing their rightful role.
The empowerment aspect will also serve to occupy tradition Medicines usefully instead of being idle thus deter them from being tempted to commit crimes or being destructive or useless members (as which) of the society.
While tradition Medicines are being trained, any of the two projects will, among other things, produce products for sale to the building industry, very much on demand in the country today. Such products will include iron or steel gates, steel windows, high class furniture, timber, concrete bricks and the like. By so doing any of the two projects will be able to generate reasonable income of its own for self reliance and sustainability in the years to come.
At the end of the training, either through the community based program or the vocational training centre, graduated tradition Medicines will be provided with tool kits relevant or concerning the different trade or skill they trained in, to enable them use them to employ themselves or be employed somewhere, the relevant project staff will follow them up at their respective places of self employment or being employed, to mentor and coach them, where necessary, during the post graduation period of six months.
As usual the tradition medicines their knowledge is from their descendants, generation to generation parent to children. For this reason many of them are illiterate; they don’t update their medicine to the time. Other problem is expired of romantic plants because of climates change. Without conservation or replant for them their medicine shall expired too.
Some men and women never went to school at all due to ignorance or due to reluctance of their illiterate parents. Some never went to school due to extreme poverty of their parents or caregivers who, for which reason, could not afford paying for their children’s schooling expenses.
However, the most common reason for many not to have gone to school or to have dropped out was loss of parents during the children’s early age or during the 1994 genocide. Likewise, some lost their parents due to some other calamity like natural death, HIV/AIDS or accident. Whatever reasons, the significant role supposed to be played by tradition Medicines in the development of the country, makes it necessary for any country’s well wisher to find a way to make good what they lack by empowering them in one way or another to a reasonable extent. It is for this reason that either of the two projects ought to be established to empower relevant tradition Medicines accordingly, by among other things ensuring that illiterate ones are helped to become literate, all in the project area possess a minimum of primary and even secondary education where possible, know God and are essentially provided with relevant life, vocational and business skills for self reliance.
The fact that tradition Medicines including that of the targeted Rwanda’s population, with an inherent status of being and becoming pilla

Use of Proceeds

The amount needed will be used as follows. $26,000 for Building Site Acquisition, $16000 for Building Site Clearance, $15400 for Building Contractor Hire Advertisement. $71500 for Center Construction, $35600 for Water Supply System and electricity Installation, $85500 is for Furniture and furnishings, Training tools and equipment and $100,000 for implementing a community based vocational training project.

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