About this project

We need to implement in seven cells of Rwinkwavu zone in Kayonza District of eastern province of Rwanda; a Community Based single mothers Empowerment Project. The project is concerned with empowering them socioeconomically, between 13 and 25 years of age. Cuniculture of rearing and providing every project 350 single mothers who are very Under maturity age and marginalized in the project area with the Rabbits as viable economic empowerment means. The request under application is USD 17,000 in six months.
We identified this project because rabbits eat last food of the peoples ‘tables and resist in calamity of sun (agriculture’s production damaged with sun) as it is in Rwinkavu zone.
Each female rabbit will take a 32 days’ gestation period. After two and a half to 3 years of age, female rabbits will be culled because of being when too old to conceive and produce young ones. As cited earlier, each female rabbit is capable of producing young ones, three to five times a year, 4-12 rabbits at a time thus a minimum of 40 young ones a year.
2. Background Situation Analysis
In Rwanda, the widespread problem of unwanted pregnancies in girls has serious consequences, as these girls are forced to leave school, become marginalized and live in a state of perpetual shame. Even children are not welcome and have a future marked by discrimination, even though mothers have been abused and are not absolutely responsible for the incident.
It why our commitment, after observing the situation experienced by youth in rural areas in their way of living, is to help single mothers to strengthen their economic welfare, ability of working and thinking, creativity which leads to innovation and being entrepreneur.

3. Problem analysis and needs assessment
In 2018 During our implementation of “One Child Two Rabbits” financed by RGB and UNDP in seven cells of Rwinkwavu zone, (we found 1013 single mothers in seven cells between 13 to 24 years old. But we give support to 291 single mothers) As a Christian organization that we are here to be a voice of all Vulnerable, we want to create activities focusing on single mothers to facilitate and encouraging them to participate as active stakeholders in socioeconomic development and promote their social, economic, culture and moral welfare.

Use of Proceeds

The amount needed will be used as follows. $11,000 for purchasing (buying ) Rabbits, $3500 for Building rabbits houses and $2500 is for Training, Monitoring and follow up.

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