Clairvoyance Christian Ministry profile

Clairvoyance Christian Ministry (C.C.M) is  a local registered Faith Based Organization registered No.56/RGB/RBO/2016,Official gazette no19 of 08/05/2017  that was incorporated on 01/05/2012 to inspire and work with churches and communities, to nurture and empower children and youths, in their midst, with life, vocational and business skills, enabling them to become economically self reliant; growing in the fear of God, possessing and displaying an obvious potential of becoming world class citizens of today and tomorrow. The CCM has been established after 1994 Genocide which left the country not only in economic shambles but also in a state of uncertain social cohesion. People up to now have failed to understand the necessity to live with peace and tranquility. Conflicts and violence continue in different communities in Rwanda and in some cases deaths are witnessed. There is therefore, a great need to heal the people’s hearts and set a road to peaceful co-existence of the people of Rwanda.

The church played a very big role in the perpetuation and implementation of the genocide in question using a word of God. The same institution may again be used in perpetuating hatred amongst the people of Rwanda if the trends continue the way it is. There is therefore a great need to get the Clairvoyance Christian Ministry (C.C.M) involved in restoring peace in the Rwandan society.

Since justice is an unavoidable integral element of the process of Reconciliation; the Clairvoyance Christian Ministry (C.C.M) should contribute to the process of justice, unity can be re-established among Rwandans, in general, and among Clairvoyance Christian Ministry (C.C.M) members, in particular. It is the only way that the Church can restore its credibility and thus be what it is called to be: a witness to faith, hope and love, to truth and justice. Only in this way will the Clairvoyance Christian Ministry (C.C.M) be able to help save the people of Rwanda.

However, the CCM is a new denomination in Rwanda, it is still be organizing and needs financial support its objectives especially in the current situation of CORONAVIRUS where people all over the world is on alert.

Our Vision

Become one of the most effective partners in the country and the world at large, to groom, mentor and produce God’s fearing